Donja Trepca is situated in the valleys of the West Morava river. It is scattered over the hills of Vujan, Bukovic and Ostrica, fourteen kilometres away from the town of Cacak. The settling of this area started back in the 18th century.

The village of Donja Trepca did not have its own school, so until 1897, the parents who wanted to educate their children had to enroll them in school in the Mojsinje village. The inhabitants of Donja Trepca wished to have their own school and in 1897, the school has been fficially opened. At the beginning, the new school operated in a private house, then in 1912, the school building was erected on the property bought from Bozidar Gojkovic.

In 1969, the school was named after the liberation day, 22 December. That name still remains today. The school has two branch outposts in the villages of Gornja Trepca and Stancici. The outposts provide four-year education level n combined grade classrooms.